Why the Microphone Jones Show?

Why the Microphone  Jones show? Because you people are crazy!!!!!

In this time of social and political turmoil, there needs to be a voice of truth and grace that brings people together under Christ. You may wonder why I am so heavy-handed on Jesus. Well… In 2016, the year of post-truth according to the Oxford dictionary, I traveled all fifty states in the US, because I was searching for MORE. I felt empty, depressed, and like I wasn’t becoming who God created me to be. Even though I grew up in church, and was told about Jesus I needed to experience His wonders for myself. There is a difference between someone telling you about good food, and you taste it yourself.

To make a long story short. God revealed to me Jesus in an unforgettable way. It was through travel and seeing His creation that I got a new perspective that revolutionized my attitude. He showed me that a new flood was coming, one of His Spirit. He showed me that the cross or “X” really marks the spot and that in Jesus the treasures of heaven are unlocked! It is in Jesus that you will have forgiveness of sins, and a reason to love like the Creator. It’s only in Jesus that we get the perspective of who God really is, and find who we are.

It is only in Jesus that life makes sense. I was nihilistic, losing hope, hearing bad news on the constant without any godly perspective. That ‘s why I traveled all fifty states, to hear what God had to say. And you know what he said? He told me that I am a living landmark to point people to Christ. So, I stand here today, as a voice pointing to the better choice! And doing it in a way that’s fun, creative, and attractive.

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