Why I Hate Pop aka Poop Culture

“Everybody else is doing it…” has got to be the most ridiculous and worse reasoning for making any life choice. But that’s the theme of pop culture aka poop culture, thus why I hate it. Pop culture has become the bully of intelligent thought, and the perpetrator of groupthink. It doesn’t encourage people to think for themselves, and have an creative conversation, inner conviction or voice, but calls them to give in to peer pressure. If you listen to pop culture you will get in bad relationships, get in debt, and pop pills to cope with the anxiety of being what everybody else wants you to be. This current pop culture champions mental and financial instability, sexual promiscuity, as well as intellectual and spiritual suicide that results in broken hearts and broken homes. But that’s pop culture and the reason I despise it.

This is pop culture

follow the crowd off a cliff!

This is pop culture: 

No more voice!

Be True

 Whatever happened to people searching for the voice of God? Whatever happened to inner conviction and a conscience? Whatever happened to the fruits of the Spirit? Pop culture tries to replace the fruits of the Spirit with artificial flavors. But the gospel can’t be replaced by gossip, The Holy Spirit can’t be replaced by wine spirits or any other type of drug, and true worship cannot be replaced by Idolatry! When people try to replace the bread of life with the junk food of culture you see them die young of heart failure.

We are all at different stages in life, none of us have the same path, but pop culture lies and tries to compare us with someone else, thus causing us to degrade our purpose. But, I like what Jesus said to Peter when he tried to ask him about another disciple “what is that to you? You must follow me.” This is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned and the reason I started mic solo studios. 

Put the World on Mute

Pop culture tells us to do what everybody else is doing, but why do that when you were born to be different! Why hide your uniqueness! Pop culture told Kanye West to dress his 6-year-old daughter to outdo Rihanna ….he admits  in an interview with Zane Lowe that it was foolish, but that’s what pop culture does. It turns us into shallow, selfish, animalistic creatures with no regard for human decency.

But if you’re like me then you want to find that one thing God created you for. You want to live on purpose. Some people live longer than others, some get married and others don’t. Some have very lucrative careers, others don’t, but “ what is that to me?” Nothing, because my one priority is to follow Jesus. I may get culturally crucified for doing the right thing, I may get mistreated, but it doesn’t matter because my mind is made up to follow Jesus instead of popular culture.

Imagine if Jesus would have followed popular opinion? People still would be sick, sins unforgiven, and the world would be in utter darkness about God. But Jesus took a stand and didn’t care what his pop culture thought about him. Instead, he focused on pleasing our Father in heaven, and that’ should be our aim if we want to have a real lasting impact.

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