Who Are You Inviting to Dinner?

who are you inviting to your pinicLast night, I had a dream where people I loved were being influenced by the devil. I knew they were being influenced because while they were saying and doing certain things… they looked surprised that they were doing them! Wherever they went they would cause fights with people they didn’t even know.

Finally, one of the people doing this was locked up in a briefcase ( I know…weird), but even then the bitter spirit got on another individual…someone who seemed to love God. This bitter influence caused them to do the same thing.

Then a vision came in my dream of ants infiltrating a picnic because something sweet was left on the blanket that covered the ground. The message that came from that vision was: just as ants track down food when left out… so does Satan track down bitter people and communities that harbor unforgiving attitudes and unclean mindsets.

When we harbor unforgiving attitudes and unclean mindsets, we are basically inviting the devil to our picnic...to our fellowship…to our decision making.  How do we get rid of him?

Numero Uno, get rid of unclean mindsets, get rid of gossip (proverbs 26:20), unforgiving attitudes, selfish ambition, jealousy, envy, pride, greed, the lust of the flesh, laziness, and worry. Don’t invite Satan to the picnic, but invite God…through faith, worship, prayer, gospel meditation, fellowship, and good works. This way the destroyer will have no place in our lives or communities. Amen,

Happy Giving Thanks Day!

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