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We envision the church unified and mobilized around the Great Commission.


Partnering with individuals and organizations to spread the gospel through prayer, acts of service, events, and creative expression.

An aspiring author and entrepreneur, Aaron is devoted to the discipline of leadership. He loves BBQs, fitness, hiking and his family. A transplant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he has hit the ground running in Tucson. With a passion for faith, individual achievement and physical education, he is active in schools as well as the ministry. He works for a school-based mentoring organization called Boys to Men Tucson – a non-profit that serves boys ages 11-17. As a Chaplain, he ministers in local Men’s shelters, jails and prisons. His favorite quote is “No heart, no chance.”  His favorite biblical verse is: “Apply your heart to discipline, and your ears to words of knowledge” - Proverbs 23:12




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