The Jesus Party

Where is the love?   It’s sad to see the political pollution going on in our country today with outright lies, and assault on people’s character with no evidence. The liberal media has lost all journalistic integrity and they don’t report what is actually said or done, but what they want things to say.

Old and young are bent on revenge and self-righteousness. Rather than seeking the righteousness of God in forgiveness, they seek their own justice and condemn themselves. Because if we don’t others of their sins, Christ won’t forgive us.

The problem with our nation is that we have lost the Jesus paradigm. Obama said ” We are no longer a Christian Nation” and we have sadly fallen out of tune with the gospel truth of Jesus Christ.  Instead of seeking truth from the Bible we have sought truth from Bable, polls and popular opinion.

Yet it is time to seek God-sized solutions for the God-sized problems we face today. .The Jesus Party seeks to place Jesus back in the center of the conversation. We believe that the gospel can and will transform hearts. Political discussion for us is just a segway to a bigger conversation about where will you spend eternity?


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  1. Bravo to Jesus and his culture. Party for Jesus everyone and let’s use our time and energy in loving and embracing others to the glory of God. What is glory? His dazzling beauty manifested in us…
    “The whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3). Take off the veil and magnify Jesus!

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