Mic Solo Studios seeks to attain a $100,000 budget and here’s why…

The vision of Mic Solo studios is to fill the earth with the knowledge of God (Isaiah 11:9). We want to create an environment that glorifies God, champions life, helps every human being be free from the addictive destructive desires of sin so that they accomplish their God-given purpose.  We work in the realm of the imagination because everything flows from this place.  So instead of treating the symptoms of society’s spiritual illness, and forever cleaning up the fruit of people’s malicious behaviors,  we get to the root of the problem, and repair people’s imagination so that they think good thoughts, and do good work. To accomplish this we create powerful gospel content to enter people’s imagination and help fight their demons with the Word of God when they are under attack. We flood people’s minds with the content of God and drive out the demons that keep them in bondage. Instead of cursing, we replace it with praise, instead of death, we replace it with life. We understand that we are fighting demons that have run wild in the imagination of earthly rulers today. But Instead of attacking earthly rulers, we need to go straight for the things ruling their imagination and change the direction of our nation with the power of heaven.

At Mic Solo Studios we have developed three services that serve as portals to revolutionize the imagination of humanity. The first portal is with music and is managed by Malan Jones using the gospel arts to transform hearts.   The second portal is community television managed by the Jesus Party which promotes gospel maturity, unity, and diversity in the body of Christ through arts, education, and community services. The third portal is Radio and managed by Microphone Jones which is “the voice for the better life choice”. These three services 1) Malan Jones 2) Jesus Party and 3) and Microphone Jones Radio work together to revolutionize the imagination of humanity. These three services are resident clients at  Mic Solo Studios and currently utilize Mic Solo Studios free of charge in order to produce content for TV, radio, and social media. Until they are able to sustain themselves they are funded by Mic Solo Studios, and that is why Mic Solo Studios needs your help to sustain them.


The Three Services

Malan Jones is a gospel urban folk music artist and focuses on composing songs. He assembles bands and puts on concerts. His mission is to transform hearts with the gospel arts and fill the earth with God’s glory through song and music.



Jesus Party is a non-profit organization and focuses on promoting gospel maturity unity, and diversity in the body of Christ through arts, education, and community services.  It utilizes mic solo studios to produce video messages, graphics, and educational content that informs communities.



Microphone Jones radio is a newer development but focuses on playing upbeat, and inspiring music from urban, hip-hop, and R&B artist. It seeks to establish the gospel in urban culture by playing content that is Christ-centered and focuses on the principles and truths of God.



What Your financial support does. 

Your financial support helps improve services, relieve stress, and help fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 11:9 to fill the earth with the knowledge of God. God bless you!

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