Still Need More Time!

Still need more time for the video course!

With all that has been going on this week,  the video course is going to take another week or two. It’s been such a busy week and time flew by working on these several different projects:

Wednesday Night Prayer Video 


Word in 3D – Every day at 6 AM –


Young Professional’s Prayer Gathering – Leading worship

“ Peace talks” with Dave Drum  via Jesus Party – ( originally Today, but new date August 24th )

and preparing for…


Omega Fest with / Ark Ministries – September 5th

United in Worship / To Go Church – September 6th

Saracha Album Release – September 7th

Isaiah 58  Fast / To Go Church – with Aaron Scott

I Am the Change Prayer Walk ( Round 2) – September 26th

But the game plan going forward is to really focus in on these courses. Because I know visual storytelling will help many people tell their story, and help create an environment of understanding.

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