Sharpening the Conscience

Wisdom keeps us from doing things we will regret in the future. It’s a sure fact that we live in a world of evil where prejudice and misjudgments exist. It takes full commitment to Christ to live a holy life and do the right thing. The current pop culture doesn’t encourage good but is littered with cursing, coveting, and violence. It’s a constant battle to keep a clean conscience and make the right judgments. The only way to be righteous is to be filled with the Spirit. We have to be constantly filled with things of God and daily have our hearts cleansed with the Word.

The time has come for us to drive out the evil one through the Spirit of God. In our music, in our entertainment, in our culture let the words of Christ be amplified, let them sharpen our conscience. Drunkenness dulls our conscience but the Spirit sharpens it to gives us the vision for an eternal life of love, joy, and peace. 



inspired by the Bible in One Year

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