Music Production Instructor

  • Prodigy Arts Program  at  Tampa Housing Authority
  • Instructed students on the principles and techniques of audio recording and music theory.
  • Produced music, costumes, and props for regular classes and special performances.
  • Attended training and community events to broaden expertise and help students.
  • Oversaw student progress by reviewing performance utilizing metrics.
  • Planned and executed targeted lesson plans to instruct on music theory, music history, and performance etiquette.
  • Evaluated class progress and adjust strategies to maintain growth and learning.

As a music instructor at the Prodigy arts program, I directed, recorded, and help produce music for showcases. I aided youth in refining their musical skills and created original accompaniment tracks for them to perform with. I directed vocals and helped youth write songs. I taught fundamentals in songwriting, rhythm, pitch, musical notation, and audio recording.

Music Producer

As a freelance music producer on fiverr I took finished, and  unfinished songs artists would send me  then re-record them in the highest quality or with a different feel so that it is radio ready.

My duties included:

  • Music Composition
  • Mixing, and mastering
  • Rewriting lyrics, and completing lyrics
  • Performing and directing vocal parts
  • Creating album artwork in Photoshop

Music Artist

  • Writes , performs and records songs in sonic quality
  • Mixes, masters, and distributes music to retailers
  • Creates album artwork, and posters in Photoshop
  • Promotes music with events, and organizes performances
  • Writes, directs , edits, and uploads music videos to social media
  • Manages artist's mailing list, and grows fanbase
  • Planned video shoots in studio and remotely by managing production through all stages to completion.
  • Identified target audience and created a sales funnel.