October Studio Update 2

  1. Word in 3D
    1. Investing time
    2. New Logos
    3. T-shirts
  2. Pray for the USA
  3. Video Tutorials
    1. Scriptwriting Tutorial Next
  4. Jesus Party – Peace Talks Podcast
  5. Worship at Blessed Grounds, Sunday @ 3 PM
    1. looking for a percussionist to Jam with
    2. Bassist too
    3. Looking to build out a stage, and place
  6. The Joint Friday at 6:30 PM
    1. Running Alpha Series
  7. Family Time
    1. Learning to rest
  8. GCU
    1. Gospel rescue mission with Aaron Scott
    2. Support my Schooling
  9. Expanding videography business
    1. Weddings
      1. Telling Love Stories
    2. Real Estate
      1. Telling Stories of Spaces
  10. Budget
    1. Income
    2. Expenses
    3. Need
  11. Music Artist
    1.  Saracha
      1. Working on a promotion plan
    2. Malan Jones
    3. Crystal Shines
    4. Lidia Gonzales

Special Thank You’s

Ophir Morales ( latest contributor)

Adam Tequila

Eddie and Mina Jones

Troy Olsson

Jody and Dan Mayhew

Aaron and Peola Scott

Sophia Williams

Troy Olsson

David Kamara

Jessie Millier

Nehemiah Tracy

Charles Mays

Katie Randall

I thank God for all of you! Until next time, put the World on Mute, and God on Solo!


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