Now Full-time at the Studio


On June 19th (Juneteenth) of 2020, I officially resigned from my former job as a videographer at Blessings Through Action – I will miss everyone there dearly. Today, June 22nd I officially begin working fulltime at my business Mic Solo Studios as an Artist and Producer. It is exciting, scary, and all that jazz. I really do believe America is still the land of opportunity despite all that has been going on. I know it’s the craziest time to try to launch something new. But I believe “with God all things are possible” – there’s nothing that is impossible. In fact impossible spells ” I’m possible!”. I have given myself a month (July 22) to gain 2,500 supporters. Thank you Sophia Williams for being among the first to support the Podcast. I believe this is what the world needs now, and I’m willing to die broke in order to get it out. Please click the links to learn more, and dream with me.

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