No More Recorded Word in 3D Post


I  don’t have the setup to do this in quality every day. It takes a lot of time and is diverting my productivity from doing songs, and stories which is the vision of this studio.

6 AM Devotions Will Continue
I will continue the 6 AM devotionals for the whole year. But writing summaries, and making daily post takes WAY too much time, energy, and isn’t in alignment with the vision of this studio. If by some miracle we figure out a way that doesn’t take up the whole day, then we will continue posting, but until then… I cannot continue posting the way I have been doing so.

The Positives
Learned how to capture quality audio podcasts with people through zoom. A tutorial may come from this!


I have to step up my productivity this month. There is so much opportunity, but I’ll miss it if I’m not using my time wisely. Devotional Bible reading is great, but the extra stuff has to be cut so I can make an impact. If you have been listening and enjoying this series I’m sorry!


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