Malan Jones

Have a song that needs completion?  I'm your guy. I can help you produce your song, and bring out the best in your recording with years of professional experience in audio production and music. Hire me as an audio engineer, musicians, and overall producer to finish your song.

For $500 You Get:

  • Up to 12 instruments
  • Mixing, and mastering
  • Music tailored to your voice and key
  • 3 free revisions


  • Stem Files
  • Reason File


No profanity, derogatory, defamatory or explicit lyrics . I reserve the right to deny any song I perceive as unfit for production.

For us to get started send the following to

  1. Lyrics
  2.  Rough Demo ( This can be recorded on your phone)
  3. Starting Deposit of $250


$500  per song


 Process: How it Works

Send lyrics and a demo of how your song is supposed to be performed. I download it, create new music in Reason (Software) and shoot you back and audio tack which you can record with for your vocals. You can also record your voice using software like ( reason, Logic, etc) and send me your audio file with the BPM.

I do my magic, we have a meeting through the web where you can suggest edits, and what you would like changed. After three to four edits you get your final product.

If you are serious about taking your music to the next level, This is your chance. I can't guarantee that these rates will be like this forever. Especially for the value provided. To get started

1. Send Lyrics to

2. Send A video or recording of how you would like the song performed. Or if you are tech-savvy record it in logic, garage band with a metronome, and send it to me.

3. Pay the $250 deposit

Demo 1

Before Production

After Production

I recreated this track  to have a more captivating feel with the instrumental, and blending the vocal perfectly with the instrumental.

Demo 2

Before Production

After Production

This is an example of someone singing a song, and it be totally recreated. 


Demo 3

Before Production

After Production

This is another example of someone sending in an idea, and it getting fully produced. This is way out of R&B genre , but is an example of how a rough demo can be turned into a polished production. 



Q: Do you do instrumentals?

A: Yes

Q:Is this a work for hire? Will I own the whole song? 

A: This depends on if the song is complete, and needs no additional arranging or lyrics. I aim for win-win deals, and though I would love to just do work for-hires, it's bad business.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please don't hesitate to leave comments, and write me at


As a producer, 20% of artist royalty for the song is entitled to me. If I assist in writing and arranging lyrics then I'm entitled to 10%-50% ownership of song depending on how much work I do. Visit the following links and do research to understand fair practices when it comes to sharing song sales. If there is any confusion please contact me.