Invoke the Mighty Warrior

A  liberating music experience to glorify God, and destroy debilitating addictions

Addictions come in many different forms. It can be with a harmful substance like alcohol or with an idea like perfectionism. Many people fall prey to debilitating addictions from not addressing the fear, and  pain they feel with wisdom of God. This music experience is a sign to turn people from destructive addictions, and put them on the path to life with Jesus. This project is also a community builder to get us talking about making better life choices. We are all fighting a battle in our hearts, minds, and souls but how do we overcome? God had given us Jesus Christ to fight the guilt, shame, and demons who says that we are too far gone.The devil wants us to forget our identity in Christ, and settle for a dead-end life. But Jesus came to give us life, and " life to its fullest" ( John 10:10). Addictions, whatever form they come in will rob us of life, but when we stop trying to self-medicate and let faith in Christ be our bread of life, then we will have the food of the champion!

Invoke the Mighty Warrior T-Shirt

Black V-Neck with Invoke the Mighty warrior sword, and shield logo. It rocks the scripture John 16:33 which says " Greater is is that's within us" than he that is in the world. Also on the sword Jeremiah 20:11 that reminds us that we're not in this battle by ourselves.


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Warrior Arrow Crew Neck Shirt

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