Is America Losing its Soul?

Is America losing its soul? This has been the question I’ve had over the past week. I’ve noticed that if you don’t have money, status, or what popular society values, then you are overlooked, and underestimated. This could be from your height, weight, gender, appearance, skin color, height, and age. Sadly people don’t judge things for what they truly are, but only how things appear.

I was reading an article from Po Chi Wo, Ph.D. and he made some good points about society only based and connected by money. Some people think if you have money then that automatically makes you right, but that’s the equivalent of saying since parents have more power than their children then it’s ok for them to abuse them- we know that’s not right. Money doesn’t = moral correctness. There is a universal truth from which the foundations of the earth were formed and we must be aligned with that truth if we as a generation want to be in harmony with the rest of God’s creation.

When I think of the soul, I see my slave ancestors who suffered under cruel hands but kept a song of hope alive in their hearts knowing that someday I would be free to tell their story. Soul is that connection with God that gives us a vision that nothing can take away. It’s joy, peace, and hope. It’s the promise God gives to us through Jesus Christ that in the end, we win. It’s that hope beyond the grave. 

America loses its soul is when we forget that there is more to life than what we see. America loses its soul when we allow materialism to overcome our sense of God. We lose soul when we forget forgiveness and become bitter. Bitterness is perhaps the greatest soul stealer, but with Christ we can get it back.


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