Inquiry ( Part 5 ) Invoke the Mighty Warrior

1. Wisdom before Warfare

King David was successful in war because of his inquiry of God. He didn’t just run off to war, but inquired of God beforehand which resulted in victory every-time (  1 Samuel 23:1-3, 1 Samuel 30:3-31 , 2 Samuel 5:19 ). In contrast, King Josiah (a righteous king) was killed in battle because he didn’t inquire of God.( 2 Chronicles 35:20-25 ). Just because we seek to do things “ for God ” doesn’t mean we can’t suffer loss from our own stupidity.

In his book Fight, Kenny Luck writes, “ Wisdom before Warfare, and Virtue before Victory ”. Just because we are “ doing stuff for God ” doesn’t mean we can’t get our butts kicked and suffer great loss from our lack of wisdom. Jesus tells us to be “ wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.” ( Matthew 10:31)Get the Higher Perspective
Our perspective is limited, we don’t even see a fraction of what God sees; So if he says something must happen – it’s for a good purpose. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray “ if there’s another way ” like Jesus did, because God has changed the destiny’s of people, like king Hezekiah, who prayed for longer life. Yet, the point is instead of asking God to bless our plans , we should always inquire of what his plans are first, seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness, because His plans are much more well thought and result in life upon life.(Jeremiah 29:11)


2.Get Confirmation

Once we think we have heard from God we should get confirmation. When David was going to war to deliver Keilah some of the men were afraid, so David asked God again, and God confirmed it ( 1 Samuel 23:3-4) . There’s nothing wrong with asking God for confirmation to make sure we’re hearing him clearly. Gideon did ( Judges 6:36-40 ), and even Jesus did it in the garden ( Luke 22:42 ).


  • Always inquire of God to win life’s battles.
  • Double check with God to confirm you’re hearing correctly
  • Go and win


God, you are great, we need your perspective, and instruction to face life’s battles. Give us your insight to win our battles against evil. Amen.

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