Help , Lord! (Day 203)

Today’s Reading:
– Psalm 88:9b-18
– Romans 7:7-25
– Hosea 6:1-7:16

Have you ever been in desperate times? Sometimes we get “upright” mixed up with “uptight” and become apathetic or unfeeling. But this life we walk with Christ is not one of robotic nature, the struggle is real! But the salvation from God is even more real! It’s in these times of desperation we need to turn to God and cry out as we reflected on yesterday. But when we cry out we need to be genuine and do not turn to a false god as Israelites did on their beds in (Hosea 6:14)

The give us a good summary of the help we have in God:

  • Help in a broken relationship ( Psalms 88:9b-18)
  • Help in a struggle with sin ( Romans 7:7-25)
  • Help for healing ( Hosea 6:1-7:16)

Host: Michael aka Malan Jones

Co-host: Aaron & Peola Scott, Jessie Miller, and Lawrence Webb


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