Dreams from God

Our dreams come from God, but when they become disconnected from God and we try to accomplish them in our own power then those dreams become a distorted picture of what God intended. It’s like when a TV experiences interference from a weak or lost signal. We know the devil has a play in this interference by tempting us with the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, and the deceitfulness of wealth. But it’s when we experience this weakness or loss of signal that we have to strive to get closer to the Source so we become the heavenly picture God intended.

I woke up this morning praying and listening to Bible in One Year, then I listened to the song “ God’s Not Done With You” by Tauren Wells as the fires on the Catalina Mountains die down in my backyard. It made me think about things that have burned down in my life, and fear of trying again. Then I listened to the Abide meditation “ The Character of Courage” about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego disobeying the king’s order to bow down to the idol. They weren’t afraid to die when they faced the King and his fire. They were courageous and ready to die for what they believed in. They are my role models. They weren’t asking God to do something for them, but they gave their full commitment to God regardless if he saved them or not. It was through this selfless courage that God moved in an amazing way and saved them from the fiery furnace.

As I was reading the Old Testament portion of the Bible in One Year, I was saddened by the exact opposite example of Ammon. He thought of his own desire and raped his half-sister Tamar because he thought his love was the only thing that mattered, but it was only infatuation. Real love gives, is kind, is patient, and helps the other become who God has called them to become in Heaven’s eyes.  Some people, like Ammon, have a distorted picture of what love is because it is self-focused, and not God-centered. After he raped her, he then hated her ( 2 Samuel 13:15 ). The initial attraction to Tamar wasn’t wrong, but Ammon didn’t check his emotions or slow down to think of other ways to gracefully be with her.   He only thought about himself, and what he could gain…that’s how love became distorted. Love doesn’t say, “ What can you give me?”, it says, “ What can I give you?” and  “How can I help you become who God has created you to be?”

Jesus is the real picture of love because he gave his life. Jesus makes things clear, he brings things together, he makes them coherent. He takes all our thoughts, and experiences and puts them together like a fine editor. He gives us the right vision of God, but if we don’t seek him for clarity we get a distorted picture of what God truly intends for us.  Marriage, sex, and love are from God but this generation has distorted it by making it self-focused, and not around God who is the source of love. But when that happens we have to reset and seek what God is saying through his Word. What God wants may not always be easy, but in the end, it will be a better picture than we could ever imagine.


Father forgive me, and my world for the times we’ve gotten ahead of you and didn’t think with your heart in mind. Dear Heavenly Father open our hearts so that we may hear your voice, and make the right choice. Show us true love, and help us to fulfill who you created us to be.  Amen!

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