Divine Authority (Day 211)

Today’s Readings
Psalm 89:38-45
Romans 13:1-4
1 Chronicles 7:1-9:1a

Have you ever been terrified of earthly authority? Paul tells us in Romans that we don’t have to be terrified of any authority. To be terrified means to have extreme fear that it paralyzes you from taking good action. Paul out of all people could have had reason to fear the authority because he knew their corruption. But even in this, he recognized God has the sovereign authority, and respected authority. ¬†Psalms show us our success depends on God. In Psalm 89, the songwriter identifies God as the one who has brought about the enemies, and God is the one who causes his defeat. This is a strong reminder that our success isn’t determined by the earthly authority, but by the ultimate authority in heaven. We are to fear God, and always do what right in His eyes.

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