DAY 1 (January 1,2021): Speak Light and Life

After reading the three Bible passages from today this is what I learned about God’s characters, and what He’s doing in the world. I also learned some examples to follow, commands for me to obey, and pondered what it all means for my life today. Check it out, and think about writing your own.

These are the questions that inspired my responses and they came from the NIV Seasons of Reflection Bible. The first two are about God, and the last three are about us.

About God:

  1. What do I learn about God’s character?

In the OT reading for today, I realize that God is the Creator, and when he speaks, things happen “ And God said, ‘ Let there be light’ and there was light”(Genesis 1:3 NIV). He’s not a workaholic, he created in six days, then rested on the seventh (2:2). In the NT reading, I realize that God uses unconventional methods as when Mary gets pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and I can imagine what Joseph had to explain to his friends and family who might have marred his character for having a child out of wedlock. On the other hand, if you read other passages about Jesus’ birth, then you understand that Mary’s cousin Elizabeth completely understood because the baby in her womb ( John the Baptist) leaped with joy in her womb. So there were people who understood and people who didn’t. Finally, in Psalm 1:1 I see that God who is “the Lord”  watches over the way of the righteous,”(v.6)

2. What do I learn about what He is doing in the world?


In the OT reading of Genesis chapter 1,  I understand that God formed the world out of formless empty stuff (v.2) His spirit was “hovering over the waters”(v.2) This is the same God in Psalm 1:6 who watches over the way of righteous. I learn that God is watching over the righteous causing them to prosper, but for the way of those whose hearts are bent on the evil he is letting them perish. (Psalm 1:6). In the NT reading I see that God is bringing reconciliation through the birth of Jesus Christ “ She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus because he sill save his people from their sins.” ( Matthew 1:21)


About Yourself:

3. Is there an example for me to follow?

In the account of creation, I see how God watches, and hovers over things, then he speaks life into them. I’m reminded of the words of Jesus “ watch and pray” (Matthew 26:41) The example for me to follow is to be like God and turn empty formless things into creation by speaking His life into it. There are so many empty and formless hearts that need the word of God in them, they need prayer, words of life, and when we begin to speak life into hearts they change from a dead, formless, dark, and empty place to one of light and life.

4. Is there a command for me to obey?

In Psalm, 1:1here is an implied command from the Psalms about not walking in the counsel of the wicked( Psalm 1:1). There is also an implied command to “ delight” myself in the law of the Lord(v.2) The promise with this is that whatever I do will prosper( v.3) I am shown to meditate day and night on God’s law (v.2). These do not exactly command, but I’m going to take them as commands for my life because I want to live a blessed life.

5. What does this mean for my life?

This means I need to make it a priority to know and grow in God’s word daily “ Day and night” (Psalm 1:2). It makes me aware of the power I have to speak in dark situations and bring life. I don’t need to be passive, but just like my heavenly Father, I can speak life in things that have no purpose, that are empty and formless. It also means that I need to take time and rest. God did his work in six days, and rested, therefore I should never feel guilty for taking my holidays.

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