Current Projects

Malan Jones - music 

Be True ( Album ) 2015 - 2016 - Complete
Become ( Movie ) - 2016 - Complete
Become ( Album) - 2016 - Complete 
Be Leave, Be Leave ( Deluxe ) 2017 - 2018 - Complete 
Become Righteous ( Movie ) - 2019  In Progress
Be Steel ( Album ) - 2019 In Progress
Become Great ( Movie ) 2020
Be Hold ( Album ) 2020

Microphone jones - podcast


The Microphone Jones Podcast with Malan Jones 


Jesus Party - charity

The Jesus Party exist to promote gospel maturity, unity, and diversity in the body of Christ through education, arts, and community services. We are an alliance of Christians reconciling people to God and each other through the gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Activism.   The issues that made us decide to start this non-profit were: 1) Social, economic, and political turmoil rooted in our broken society without God 2) Division within the body of Christ along racial, political,  and cultural difference  3) The ineffectiveness of the church in exemplifying the gospel in our broken society. Through Christ-centered educational programs, arts, and community services we will help reconcile the family,  church, and our nation back to God’s original intent for humanity as a shining example of the Kingdom of God.

YouTube Channel:

#MySignaturePlay - charity

Benefit concerts and talent shows to help build community,  raise funds to end child sex-trafficking. Collaboration with Keepsakes of Triumph.


Life In Christ 

Aiding media program at Life In Christ Church see


Jesus Loves Kzoo


Every July in Kalamazoo, MI churches from all over the city worship and work together to spread the love of Christ to those who need it the most. Mic Solo Studios captures and tells the story of Catalyst week through recap videos. Here's last years video.


Citywide Prayer Gathering


City Wide Prayer Gathering from Mic Solo Studios on Vimeo.

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