Combining Passions into One Movie

There’s a difference between talking about good food and eating good food. One leaves you fulfilled, the other just gives you a feeling. I don’t want just a feeling from God, I want to eat, I’m hungry to do his will! 

The  movie Become More combines all my passions into one:

  • Gospel 
  • Music 
  • Storytelling  
  • Travel 
  • Discipleship 


Here’s a breakdown of what I mean


Become More is the story of the gospel, and how I discovered Jesus for myself on a trip took to all 50 states, and what it has inspired me to do now. 


Before, during, and after the trip, I produced music that will be in the film and performed live


The movie Become More is a story of traveling all 50 states and seeing God’s providence through reflecting on historical places.


The destinations we travel to give a real-world reminder of God’s providence, and the gospel that will transform hearts IF accepted.


When people watch, buy or promote this movie it’s going to an internship fund that helps artist be disciples, and know Christ. 



What I do has to do has to do with Identity, and know who we are in Christ. This can be a mystery to many, but with the help of God, I shine the light on it with the gifts God has given me in the arts. When we know who Christ is we then become more than our suffering because we then realize that he is our hope and the resurrection from the dead.

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