Charging Deters Bad Business

When entering the creative field it’s okay to do some free work,  but it’s not okay to keep functioning like this – you’ll drain yourself to death. That’s why you must charge!I would often end up working for people who had no respect for me, questioned everything I did, and in the end I was depressed. Then I found this golden nugget of truth ” Charging people deters bad business”.

I  charge people  because it helps keeps me from overworking, and placing myself in bad situations with diva customers who expect everything without investing nothing. Setting a price helps determine a person’s  level of seriousness for what they want, and it also fosters a RESPECTUL work enviorment. When a person doesn’t want to pay anything for what you do, they don’t respect you, and will question everything you do.  You are better off  NOT working for them, because everything you do  will never be enough.

Professionals are willing to pay the price, and they already know the work you do. They don’t question your methods, because they understand who they are hiring and  they have done their reasearch on you. When you work with a professional your work goes to another level, because they have researched how your skill will intergrate with thier vision. Professionals respect you, which leaves two happy people working together in harmony. It’s like being a happy marriage, versus being in deprived one with lack of respect, and abuse.

So I charge, not because I’m trying to makes lots of money, but it deters bad business. Charging  helps me to work with people that respect, and appreciate the work I do. So, before you start work with anybody make sure they respect you, and understand the work you do. Having a high price is one way to say “no”  with a smile to bad business, and create work that has value.

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