March Against Violence – Saturday

A day before Catalyst Week Mic Solo Studios was hired by Jesus Loves Kzoo to film a march against violence hosted by G.V.I.(Group Violence Intervention) for Aaron Holmes who was killed May 8, 2021. The video features Pastor James Harriss, Mike Wilder, and Crystal Harriss.

One Worship – Sunday

OneWorship was relocated from Bronson Park to Centerpoint City Church this year because of the rainy weather. But no matter the weather congregations from all over Kalmazoo came together to worship, pray, and get ready for a week of outreach to their neighborhoods.


Grill Nights – Monday

JLK Prayer & Grill Nights bring hope! Volunteer and be a part of the HOPE movement in Kzoo!


Crosstown Senior Apts 

Jeff Fernandez from The Bridge gives his testimony while volunteering at Crosstown Senior Apts.


Youth for Christ & interfaith Apts – Thursday

Youth For Christ and Interfaith grill sites had an amazing time of food, fun, and sharing HOPE. We thank God for all you volunteers (in and out of state) who come out and share life with the community. Keep bringing hope!


Making Care Packages for Nursing Homes – FRI

Jesus Loves Kzoo delivers care packages to nursing homes throughout the region for the final day of Catalyst Week.

Carriers of Hope

A final video recapping everything and giving the overarching message

All videos Shot and edited by Michael Jones
Secondary Camera : Liz Lampen