Malan Jones 

 Singer/songwriter and producer

He was lacking adventure, purpose and fulfillment in life. In the summer of 2016 he risked it all and dared to become more through taking a fifty state journey and documenting it on camera. He hoped that through this evaluated experience that he could create greater opportunities for generations to come.


Lawrence Webb


He is the comedian of the group yet brings some deep heartfelt questions. Before Michael invited him on tour he resented America and was planning a trip to Thailand. but God had other plans...As he travels the states he begins to become more aware of those who came before him, and how their legacy can help him find a better way in life.


Seth Music

 Hip-hop recording artist

He comes from a family of artist. His mom is classical trained opera singer, and dad a hiphop recording artist. Seth grew up  traveling and doing music with his family. But it all came to a stop  after a heartbreaking relationship that ended in a forfeited wedding engagement. The depression that followed kept him from  dreaming and believing that he could become more....until destiny allowed Michael to invite him on this journey.

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