There are so many voices that try to tell us which way to go. But what voice should we listen to? What voice leads us to live? What voice leads us to love? What voice leads us to our true identity? This album was made in 2016, the year of “ post-truth ” according to the Oxford dictionary. There are so many voices trying to shape our identity today, but it’s only in the light of Christ that can we find our true identity. It’s only in the presence of God do we find our true purpose and the reason why we are on this earth. Be True is an exploration into identity, love, and seeing the love of God like a good husband loves his wife. Because of Jesus, we are no longer slaves who serve out of fear, but the beloved who serve out of gratefulness ( Hosea 2:16). Be True was released on Valentine's Day and is a reflection of true love, and being true to your spouse, because God hates divorce ( Malachi 2:16 ), and it’s through the man and woman that he brings up godly offspring ( Malachi 2:15 ) that brings forth his Kingdom. To Be True mean to be faithful to God, and faithful to your spouse. Because it is in this faithfulness that great legacies are built and that we see the kingdom of God fulfilled.