Hi, I’m Michael aka Malan Jones

Artist, producer, and content creator. My skills range from singing, songwriting, piano, bass, guitar, music production, video production, photography, and web-design. It's been quite a journey artistically. I first started out as Mic Sol-o, then Microphone Jones, and now do music under the name Malan Jones ( the little warrior). I traveled all fifty states in 2016 to promote my album " Be True" and while in the process did a documentary called Become. Now my mission is to raise four million dollars to build a team that helps me create music, films and a community that spreads God's light through good deeds. I have the heart to start an internship program for college-aged creative people with a heart for the gospel and doing media . If there's anything I learned from all my activities is that Christ is really the key to unlock one's true potential. The world is always shifiting, and changing its views, but when you know Christ then you're always in tune. If you like to further my mission and vision then please help me by subscribing to my website.



Increase quality of life by leveraging God-given talents and placing them in major markets for the glory of God, and the benefit of all mankind.


Produce gospel inspired stories and songs that fill every imagination with God's truth and love.


I'm passionate about seeing young talented artists with a gospel worldview maximize their gifts for the glory of God and find their sound identity by being in tune with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My passion is to increase the quality of life by leveraging God-given talents and placing them in major markets for the glory of God and the benefit of all mankind.


What I Do?

1.Talent Search

Actively seek and choose talented individuals with a gospel inspired story, song or both. If a collaboration agreement is established between the artists and I then we go through the production process outlined below.

2. Pre-production:

In pre-production we describe and document in details how stories and songs will be produced. This is the roadmap and foundation for which any good work must stand. In this process we often write, research, brainstorm, pray, create timelines, develop scripts, and storyboards in order to express ideas in a clear organized  manner. With pre-production we create structures so teams, ideas and thoughts can flow in harmony, and finish in a timely manner.

3. Production:

 After we build the roadmap in pre-production, we then launch into production, which requires more technical skills, and hands-on understanding of equipment, and how to implement the script or song.  This includes but not limited to lighting, cinematography, directing, and making sure we get all the shots, and elements in the right place at the right time to create the desired effect.

4.Post Production:

 After all is said in done, then comes post-production. This is where we edit things. In music, we correct pitch and timing. In the film, we piece together the best takes, add effects, do color correction, then color grading to add emotion to the film.


Through our local and national events we promote the most impactful stories and songs through showcases, screenings, concerts, campaigns and tours.

The Far-reaching effect

Through gospel-inspired stories and songs I aim to flood our world with faith, hope, and God's love.  Each story and song we produce has a way of enlightening humanity of God's promise,  providence, and presence that brings everlasting peace.

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